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I couldn’t find a nice quality BLU dispenser so I colored one I looked it up and I drew it no I didn’t I traced some of it but that’s okay it wasn’t the line art I wanted I just wanted a nice blue high definition deispense I jsut wante th deisoensr Bleu DISPESN ANDF BLEU IOEN

Coloring Part 2

talkingpotatos answered: draw ur oc’s doing the IMAGINATION thing from spongebob


Milo is a fartbaby. Ryla teaches how to NOT be a fartbaby

princesspoobah answered: a seductive angler fish


Ask and you shall recieve!!!

I could only get to two today!

thosetwogingers answered: Booker with a muffin top tummy


Elizabeth gave Booker the SpongeBob Squarepants cd box set. An ice cream bowl and a bag of potatoes aren’t very far.

sylphee said: Pick a colorful fruit and design an outfit after it? Put it on your favorite character? I dunno

imageGrown Up Dave isn’t my favorite character but something tells me this was a cry out for some really weird irony.

This was really fun and liberating, I’m gonna do some more tommorrow, g’night : D

I have a severe lack of colorful pieces to show off, anyone wanna throw a prompt/idea my way to help the creative mojo goin?

lil-miss-banana asked: I'm sorry I just went through all 8 pages of your Bioshock Infinite tag and I wanted to reblog all of it I loved it all



liontamer1992 asked: I want you to know that your Jackelbeth comics make me smile. They are adorable :).

jackelbeth is the cutest and most hardcore name I have ever heard, and they are my life blood, I’m so glad that you like them too!

happy 4/20 easter guys you know what to do

Jack, this is what happens when you try to play with the big dogs. He tried to score some bonding points with Booker but Booker brought a little something to the party.

Next thing he knows Mama Tenenbaum comes join and Delta bumbled in too. 

This wasn’t the easter egg hunt anyone was expecting to find.



JK, I’m still workin on it, slowly but surely, no promises but there may be a page or few in the near future!

I can get my hands off the freaking ANimal Crossing, I know I have to do a powerpoint but my dumb ass just finds shark hunting much more liberating


Oops. I accidentally cosplayed Ryla today… :)


JackxElizabeth ship naming

blackskyandroses said:Jackelbeth? It’s a tricky one to try and name! (Although the Sea and the Sky, I like that one!)

trexila said: Patricide pair?

madamebananas reblogged this from aesart and added:

  1. The merman and rapunzel The chains around the towers We both killed our dad *fist bump*

cosmictuesdays said:Lighthouse Keeping?



I kinda like the Lighthouse Keeping one! There are so many good ones to choose though

rosalindllutecey asked: JACKLIZABETH JACKLIZABETH.

there has to be a better name for this shipping, 

Jaliz? Elizack, Science and Space? Beauty and the Beast, SS Lights and Stars?

the sea and sky?

Anonymous asked: my new fave au is jack and elizabeth raising sally that comic was adorable and hilarious bless u

the feelings I have for that shipping broils in the very pit of my soul.


I’ve got a pallet that attacks the eyes

Redraw of that Trickster Problem Sleuth! I don’t know why I went with candy dots, obviously it should be candy corn, but what am I saying, the only thing predictable about tricksters is their unpredictability!

I made a mistka ei messed up i messed up I made the main character’s hiar so hard for me to comprehend oh my god Ryla your poor pixie cut is crumbly red clay in my hands forget this forget your hair we’re just trading it for Osamu Tezuka hair dammit

yes good

Anonymous asked: omg thank the lord i thought i was the only one who shipped jack/elizabeth but ur art is the actual cutest omg


there are actually quite a few of us, and by that I mean if you don’t even remotely think Jack Liz is adorable you have no heart