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Ryla stop tapping the glass they don’t like that

Poor Jean, can crack a  man’s skull in 5 minutes varying between a thousand ways to do it but can’t bring himself to hurt a little old lady. Jean is precious kay.

Anonymous asked: Aaaaah your coloring is so nice!


thank you!

these weren’t suppose to be posted until much later 8^y

Old family pic of Ry and her pops Pierson back at 7th Plight. Uncle Goldie in the back laughing at him. All the cops at the station called Pierson Captain Lovely for the rest of the day.

Caption on the back courtesy of Goldie of course!

Another Felicity Grove character, meet Uncle Goldie! Okay he isn’t even a real uncle, but that’s what he’s called by Ryla since she was a teeny crouton. Goldie is a cop from Pierson’s division and the right hand man of their precinct. Which no longer exists. Cause they’re in Felicity now and Felicity doesn’t give a cat’s pajamas about 7th Plight law enforcement.

someone unfollowed me after that flower post

guess they just weren’t prepared for this crazy ride

Lily of the Valleys, they’re just really cute flowers alright

a Ryla WIP I may never actually finish 8^y

I saw the most 80’s outfit the other day and well….

I mean, this thing was straight out of Breakfast club

Rough sketch commission for the lovely Melle! 

Anonymous asked: Mind telling us some plans you have for felicity grove?

Bio luminescent beings in high positions of power
the dead mingling in the sciences
space trash

Anonymous asked: -screeches like an eagle- MORE FELICITY GROVE PLEASE!! -caws before flying into the sun-


i haven’t drawn Milo in a while so I fixed that 8^y

You really can’t afford to lose much when you’re on the lamb

The-Talk-Box requested Fisticuffs between Steamboat Willie and Popeye

The new Sailor Moon looks great btw