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+Felicity Grove+


Character sub links coming soon!

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Gentled giant Carapacians are the best


Yeah hello, my dog doesn’t like your floor. He says that the rocks are not a nice touch and threw one threw your window. I would like to apologize for that inconvenience.


i just wanna eat some chips yo

this whole week has just been

Ryla’s hair is so complicated, finding new revenues to explore.

Can you tell I’m still hungover that they didn’t keep Pearl’s punk rock hair from the Steven Universe pilot

jillus replied to your post: Awrighty guys, need some warm ups to d…

Elizabeth painting a picture of Booker

Elizabeth is a very talented youth

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3 characters of your choice and ice cream headcanons (cone or cup, flavours, mixings etc)

Caboose would take anything they had lying around and call it ice cream

Elizabeth would get a kick out of poprocks, but I’m pretty sure she’d try just about anything since she never got to as a kid 8^y

Good ol’ Scout, good ol fashioned cup of dirt (not actual cup of dirt, it’s an oreo crumble mix :^y )

Anonymous asked: wouldjoo koindly get steppin ahn a big daddo. wait...

Bog Daddo

-muffled pacific rim theme song in the background-

Imma get to more of you later, my dad told me to go to sleep. 8^y

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Jack being the cutest thing and Fontaine being deeply disappointed that his assassin doesn’t look the part

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draw a ridiculous expression and make it as detailed as physically possible



Awrighty guys, need some warm ups to do, if you have a request/suggestion send it my way 8^)


I’m conducting some research and I need some fight scene suggestions. Any will do, particularly ones that yall found striking and all out badass. Preferably hand to hand combat kinds and like, bar fight brawling.

Well okay, after looking through some finer moments of this blog it’s time for a refresher. Needs some more material, more, eh, activity.

And talking to myself always seems to make for good planning so here’s the dealio.

+ Felicity Grove, Chapter 1 is just about closing, I need to get my ass onto the last few pages to make it complete. Planning and storyboarding got kinda backed up with school and recent family trip that pretty much negated any attempts to further the project. Things have settled down now so expect more pages on the way.

+ AU’s, picking up that old AU of mine SpaceTin, debating whether to write a fanfic or to draw small spurts of it. Also warming up the Columbia 51 AU, more info on that later.

+ Commissions, as always are open. Debating on whether to update the examples or not, maybe.

There’s gonna be more fanart here and there, random sketches, practices, more OC’s, concept arts stuff, and perhaps requests. There will also be more traditional sketches (you know it’s been too long when you are drawing with a pencil and eraser, but instead of erasing you move for the ctrl+z) That’s pretty much it for now. Will try to keep this blog updated so none of yall feel like I’ve abandoned it.

Also, there have been a few new followers lately, welcome guys! Hope you get a chuckle or two, it’s what this is here for : ))