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Holy smokes I almost forgot that it was Jack’s birthday! Gotta give props to the best 4 year old dad around, and pretty much the only acceptable father in the Bioshock franchise.

Happy birthday lil old man! 

Shot in the Dark.

Possible Chapter Cover? Who knows? 8^y

2/2 Commission for Susan! (Part One right here) Booker and Robert hugging (cuddling?), Booker gets especially affectionate towards Robert for helping him find his daughter.


doki doki arms of toasty


My computer is being an asinine junk buggy 8^y

If you are waiting on a commission from me I apologize for the wait, Just got this thing going again, I will finish up tonight and get back to you

My computer is being an asinine junk buggy 8^y

Anonymous asked: When will you update felicity grove?

Hopefully sometime in the near future, I haven’t been able to do much anything because I’ve been staying at my aunt’s house this past month. 

Soon tho, soon.

Booker and Anna awashin the dishes 8^y

Commission for Susan H. !

Anonymous asked: Can we see rock mom and beetle?


I reply at the worst of times hahahahah a I SHOULD BE ALSEEP

my domesticated Booker looks like he works at Roosterteeth

HHhhh I’m gonna try and work, update here and FG today. Here’s a pic of Pierson I did yesterday

i drew this to feel better

Lumara has to correct everyone that Beedle is the true asshole and not Rockmom. Beedle is a bird, and kind of a hardass.

Anonymous asked: whats lumara's backstory owo (whats all of your fantrolls backstories •w•)

are you sure you’re ready for that answer.

-drops long list of characters- Well most of them are pretty underdeveloped as of now, and most of them are Zammy and my creations. Zetuli belongs to Zammy, just FYI. 

I can tell you about Lumara however, here’s the blow-by-blow

Lumara is a low-blood that lives off in the outskirts of civilization. As a grub, Lumara was picked up by a young rock Golem (affectionately known as Rockmom.) when he would just sit there and merely fend off other grubs. 

Lumara is a pacifist in his world, he doesn’t like violence and hates to engage into confrontations, instead he spends his time exploring the dunes and caverns in his area. Occasionally, unfortunately, some lingering trolls pass by and try to take him out to town and do away with his growing home of valuable anomalies scouted from the local area. Since Lumara doesn’t like to fight, it extremely inconveniences him. He has sustained a myriad of bruises, cuts, and almost kisses death on multiple occasions. But he always bounces back stronger than ever.

As a grown troll, Lumara has an abnormally high tolerance for pain and injury, partly because of his nature, and partly because of his lusus. Rockmom is extremely affectionate and worries  for Lumara constantly, but she is still a rock golem and forgets that fact sometimes. Lumara gets bruised daily by simply hugging her (she forgets her own strength sometimes as well). 

Lumara also engages in fights with Beedle, a birdthing that lives in Rockmom’s body (one of her caverns.) Beedle is an asshole who likes to hide Lumara’s shit in his little nest he made in Rockmom. Lumara has been trying to get rid of him for years, but Rockmmom doesn’t seem to mind him much (she thinks “bonding time” helps Lumara stay agile.)

Currently, Lumara is lucky enough to live to some pretty powerful friends whom he loves to visit all the time. Whenever he goes anywhere he brings his backpack full of junk he might never need. All the time. Every time.

Welcome. This is my child.

and of course while I’m fantrolling let’s get Zetuli up in here.

 all the queen’s scientists are a bit mad.

look at this weeb’s face. He needs some scars